Term Limits For Admins?

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Term Limits For Admins? Empty Term Limits For Admins?

Post by Mac&Cheese on Thu Oct 30, 2014 8:59 pm

As you know we're in the midst of election season in The States and that got me thinking. I know that's a scary thought lol! Most forums have become totalitarian dictatorships. You have 1 or 2 main guys and then you have other mods who blindly follow them. You can get banned for sneezing. One person gets unlimited power and do whatever they want. Now I'd be lying if I were to deny that I'm a type A personality control freak. I like to be the person in charge. Much like the leaders of the two other major Christian Metal Forums. This however causes fear and people to feel unwelcome and creates a hostile environment. So what I propose is term limits for admins and mods of the 3 main Christian metal forums including us. Every 2 years we hold elections for admins and mods. Each admin of mod can serve 2 consecutive 2 year terms. They would then be required to take 2 years off. After that candidates would be eligible to serve 2 more terms. After their 4th term they would then retire. I am considering doing this here and including it as N ammendment to our constitution. I challenge my friends at Christian Metal Realm and Christian Hard Music to do the same. What's your thoughts?

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