New Deliverance & Vengeance Rising Reissues released this week!

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New Deliverance & Vengeance Rising Reissues released this week! Empty New Deliverance & Vengeance Rising Reissues released this week!

Post by BillRoxx on Mon Nov 10, 2014 1:23 am

Let us know your thoughts on this one when they start to arrive at your doors if you ordered it! This was on our facebook page also.....

Well look what has arrived and is now starting to ship! All pre orders will be shipping now throughout next week! These look and sound amazing! These signed photos are almost gone so if you want one get one quick!

ALSO, look at that DANNY CORDOVA guitar pick we have 25 of those that were GRACIOUSLY given to us by Daniel Cordova, these are the last ones and the actual picks he used from the Vengeance Rising 'Released Upon The Earth' tour! We will RANDOMLY be inserting them in some of the packages of those that pre order the VR title! Good Luck!

HUGE thank yous to all the band members and artists who helped contribute to this one! And to Rob for that SPECIAL Deliverance reversible cover art work! (Which we have not shared with anyone yet - its a surprise when people open it up) Also to Carrie and the Roxx team for the shipping you have done and will continue to do (LOL) and to Scott Waters for another amazing layout and design! We could not do these without the support we get! Thank you all!

We love keeping these classics alive, and even more telling a story through the reissues! I think you will agree the VR release especially gives you a great look and retrospect at the second and final line up of Vengeance Rising, which often gets overlooked.

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